Renewable Power from the Ocean's Waves

Carnegie Wave Energy Limited (ASX:CWE) is focused on developing and commercialising its 100% owned CETO wave energy technology which is capable of producing zero-emission power and direct desalinated water.

CETO 5 Buoyant Actuators Unveiled

Hon Ian Macfarlane MP, Dr Michael Ottaviano, Mr Grant Mooney and Mr Ivor Frishknecht on top of the CETO 5 Buoyant Actuators

CETO differs from other wave technologies under development globally by being fully submerged and being able to generate power both onshore and offshore. CETO has been proven at pilot scale and is now in its commercial demonstration phase.

People We Work With
  • $7.6 million raised from Share Purchase Plan
  • Commitments for further $1.5 million Private Placement received
  • Funds to be used for CETO 6 project design and development
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  • Desalination plant Factory Acceptance Test successfully passed
  • Desalination pilot plant delivered to onshore Garden Island site
  • Freshwater produced to be sold to the Australian Department of Defence
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  • $1 million payment received for Carnegie owned gold mining royalty
  • Royalty payments past and future are earned with no expenditure by Carnegie
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  • UK Wave Hub site for CETO 6
  • 3MW initial demo with a 10MW+ expansion
  • $500/MWh UK feed in tariff
  • Site has existing sub-sea cable and grid connection and is pre-consented
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