CETO Commercial Scale Unit Overview

The CETO 5 design (pictured below) builds on the experience gained in previous generations and incorporates some important improvements. The diameter of the buoyant actuator has the most significant influence on power output and has been increased to 11m from the 7m diameter CETO 3 unit successfully tested at the Garden Island site in 2011 (see image on right).

Further optimisation of the design and tuning of the hydraulics has been undertaken which, together with the increase in buoyant actuator diameter, leads to a rated capacity of approximately 240 kW. This capacity is some three times that of the CETO 3 unit that was tested at the Garden Island site in 2011 and higher again than the 10m CETO 4 unit currently being deployed by EDF and DCNS off Reunion Island.


CETO 3 (C3) was a single commercial scale, autonomous unit deployed and operated off Garden Island in 2011. The CETO 3 unit has a rated power of 80kW