What is CETO

Named after a Greek sea goddess, CETO offers the potential to revolutionise power and water production globally. CETO harnesses the enormous renewable energy present in our ocean's waves and converts it into two of the most valuable commodities underpinning the sustainable growth of the planet; zero-emission electricity and zero-emission desalinated water.

Unlike other wave energy systems currently under development around the world, the CETO wave power converter is the first unit to be fully-submerged and to produce high pressure water from the power of waves.

By delivering high pressure water ashore, the technology allows either zero-emission electricity to be produced (similar to hydroelectricity) or zero-emission freshwater (utilising standard reverse osmosis desalination technology). The system can also be used for co-production of zero-emission electricity and freshwater.

CETO Power Schematic

CETO Power Schematic

CETO Power Schematic

CETO Freshwater Schematic

CETO units are fully submerged and permanently anchored to the sea floor meaning that there is no visual impact as the units are out of sight. This also assists in making them safe from the extreme forces that can be present during storms.

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CETO units operating offshore at
Fremantle, Western Australia